Foreword: Envisioning a Sustainable Internet
Maddie Stone

Letter from the Editors
Michelle Thorne and Chris Adams

Designing Branch: Sustainable Interaction Design Principles
Tom Jarrett

Solarpunk and Other Speculative Futures

One Vision, One World. Whose World Then?
Vândria Borari and Camila Nobrega

The Museum of the Fossilized Internet
Gabi Ivens, Joana Moll and Michelle Thorne

Today Google Stops Funding Climate Change Deniers
Extinction Rebellion NYC

Repairing Our Relationship with Technology
Janet Gunter

Critical Art and Carbon Aware Design

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User
Joana Moll

Don’t Press Snooze: Design in a Crisis
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Design for Carbon-Aware Digital Experiences
Lu Ye

Signal: A Poem
Taylor Rowe

Sustainable Web Craft

10 Rules for Building a Low-Impact Website
Jesper Hyldahl Fogh

Sustainability in Software Engineering
Bill Johnson

Reflections on Running a Sustainable Digital Agency
Tom Greenwood

Hands-On Sustainable Web Design
Laurent Devernay

AI Promises and Perils

AI and Climate Change: The Promise, the Perils and Pillars for Action
Eirini Maliaraki

Alexa, Save the Planet
Brett Gaylor

Climate Action in Tech

Seeing Black and Green in Tech
Melissa Hsiung

If I am a Techie, How Can I Help Solve Climate Change?
Kamal Kapadia

Policy and Advocacy

The Story is a Forest: How to Talk About Climate Change
Christine LaRiviere

When Policy Responds to Reality: Transformative Policy Futures
Chenai Chair

Interconnected: Sustainability on the Agenda
Michael J. Oghia

About Branch

Unknown grid intensity


Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet for all.

We believe that the internet must serve our collective liberation and ecological sustainability. We want the internet to dismantle the power structures that delay climate action and for the internet itself to become a sustainable and positive force for climate justice.

We see this magazine as a space for personal reflection, critical engagement with technology and internet economics, as well as experimentation and storytelling. Creating change requires all kinds of practices—art and design, professional development, civic participation, policy and advocacy, imagination and positive visions for our future. This is our small attempt at sharing what inspires and challenges us towards a sustainable and just internet for all.

Branch is available online and perhaps later in print as a stand-alone magazine or a supplement for other publications.

Issue 2 (Spring 2021)

The next issue of Branch will be released in spring 2021.

Themes we hope to include: a Green Deal for technology, visions for the web in 2025, indigenous internet infrastructure, an open movement for the climate, upskilling in climate science, a New European Bauhaus for sustainable design and code, feminist/queer/decolonial/antiracist digital futures, and new technical capabilities for greening the internet. 

Issue 2 sets out to demonstrate fresh thinking in how to green the web technically, aesthetically and politically. We want to broaden awareness of collective efforts and uplift pilots and prototypes that are working in promising ways. We will also look closer at the “twin transitions” of sustainable and digital economies as well as identify assets and gaps for our work to be more effective together. 

If you are interested in contributing, we would love to hear from you. Submit an abstract or proposal by March 15, 2021.

We would also welcome opportunities to distribute the magazine and talk about these issues with you.

Issue 1 (Autumn 2020)

The first issue of Branch looks at underlying structural issues of the climate crisis and its inequalities. We seek to go beyond tech solutionism and towards intersectional climate justice work. We strive to connect sustainability to root causes and to inequalities experienced at different intersections—gender, race, class, ability, and so on.

This issue features visions for a more sustainable internet as well as practical efforts to get us there. We hope to not only articulate what these desirable futures are, but also to embody them with specific tools and art. Contributors include climate activists, open source technologists, indigenous leaders, artists, energy scientists and degrowth experts.


  • Managing Editor: Michelle Thorne
  • Editor: Chris Adams
  • Assistant Editor: Laurence Bascle



Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Bill Johnson, Brett Gaylor, Camila Nobrega, Chenai Chair, Christine Larivière, Eirini Maliaraki, Extinction Rebellion NYC, Fieke Jansen, Gabi Ivens, Janet Gunter, Jesper Hyldahl Fogh, Joana Moll, Kamal Kapadia, Laurent Devernay, Lu Ye, Maddie Stone, Melissa Hsiung, Michael Oghia, Taylor Rowe, Tom Greenwood, and Vandria Borari.


Unless otherwise noted, all texts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 International License.

With support from

EIT Climate KIC, Mozilla Foundation, Climate Action Tech, and the Green Web Foundation with special thanks to Michelle Zucker, Rocio Armillas-Tiseyra and Ilona Puskás.