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Open Letter: Tackling the Threat of Climate Misinformation and Disinformation

Despite social platforms claiming to be committed to fighting climate change and tackling climate disinformation, researchers say otherwise. As outlined in this report from Stop Funding Heat, Facebook has failed to control its platform, with misleading viral content and fact-checking loopholes for opinion content. A report from Influence Map on Big Oil advertising on Facebook shows how just 25 oil and gas groups placed over 25,000 ads on Facebook, spending nearly $10 million in 2020 alone. YouTube’s recommendation algorithm drove (hundreds of) millions of views of misinformation content, as reported by Avaaz.  Big Oil continues to spend millions of dollars on Twitter advertising, despite their political ad content ban. 

The Climate Disinformation Coalition, along with fourteen other climate organizations, penned this open letter sent on October 15th to demand concrete policy shifts from Big Tech leadership.

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