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Foreword: Envisioning a Sustainable Internet
Maddie Stone

Letter from the Editors
Michelle Thorne and Chris Adams

Designing Branch: Sustainable Interaction Design Principles
Tom Jarrett

Solarpunk and Other Speculative Futures

One Vision, One World. Whose World Then?
Vândria Borari and Camila Nobrega

The Museum of the Fossilized Internet
Gabi Ivens, Joana Moll and Michelle Thorne

Today Google Stops Funding Climate Change Deniers
Extinction Rebellion NYC

Repairing Our Relationship with Technology
Janet Gunter

Critical Art and Carbon Aware Design

The Hidden Life of an Amazon User
Joana Moll

Don’t Press Snooze: Design in a Crisis
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Design for Carbon-Aware Digital Experiences
Lu Ye

Signal: A Poem
Taylor Rowe

Sustainable Web Craft

10 Rules for Building a Low-Impact Website
Jesper Hyldahl Fogh

Sustainability in Software Engineering
Bill Johnson

Reflections on Running a Sustainable Digital Agency
Tom Greenwood

Hands-On Sustainable Web Design
Laurent Devernay

AI Promises and Perils

AI and Climate Change: The Promise, the Perils and Pillars for Action
Eirini Maliaraki

Alexa, Save the Planet
Brett Gaylor

Climate Action in Tech

Seeing Black and Green in Tech
Melissa Hsiung

If I am a Techie, How Can I Help Solve Climate Change?
Kamal Kapadia

Policy and Advocacy

The Story is a Forest: How to Talk About Climate Change
Christine LaRiviere

When Policy Responds to Reality: Transformative Policy Futures
Chenai Chair

Interconnected: Sustainability on the Agenda
Michael J. Oghia

About Branch

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Seeing Black and Green in Tech

Melissa Hsiung, an organizer at ClimateAction.tech, set out to better understand the intersections of race, climate, and technology. She hosted an online workshop in June 2020 to help process emotions and reactions and as an invitation to learn out loud and from each other. Here is her slide deck and facilitation notes.

These slides are adapted from an informal talk that I gave to a small group of tech workers as part of ClimateAction.tech’s first Salon series. It was mid-June, just a few weeks after George Floyd was murdered, and three months into the pandemic shutdown in New York. I was starting to learn about environmental justice, and most of the concepts presented here are based on things that I’ve read.  

I’ve modified the slides to be more focused on brainstorming areas of social impact within a tech organization. The goal is to provide some tools for starting a conversation, to help each other see more possibilities for the work we do and the world we live in. You can read the speaker notes for more information and as a facilitation guide.

In the spirit of learning and evolving together, I welcome feedback on the ideas that follow. Please let me know if you have questions or comments, if there are errors or other issues. I would also love to know if these exercises helped you take anti-racist or climate action. I can be reached at melissa@climateaction.tech.

About the author

Melissa Hsiung is an organizer at ClimateAction.tech and a grad student in Columbia’s Sustainability Management program.