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Letter from the editors [EN]
Katrin Fritsch, Fieke Jansen, Maya Richman & Katherine Waters

Countering false and misleading solutions to ecological crisis

Coming together to counter misleading and false climate/tech solutions [EN] Becky Kazansky & Nikita Kekana

Tecnologías para un planeta en llamas: Una entrevista con Paz Peña [ES]
Katrin Fritsch

Empowering community-driven alliances against social-environmental and climate disinformation [EN]
Jessica Botelho, Lori Regattieri & Eliana Quiroz

Towards a just and equitable transition

Indigenous just transition(s) and visionary work: An interview with Heather Milton-Lightening [EN]
Katrin Fritsch

“The climate change situation is being handled like treating a large, deep cut with a Band-Aid”: An interview with Alana Manchineri [EN]
Joana Varon

“Estão tratando as mudanças climáticas como quem cuida de um corte grande e profundo só com um Band-Aid”:  Uma entrevista com Alana Manchineri [PT]
Joana Varon

Expanding critical approaches to extractivism and mega infrastructure projects [EN]
Kuirme Collective: Aymara Llanque, Camila Nobrega & Rub(én) Solís Mecalco

Navigating the interstices of digital rights and climate justice as a funder [EN]
Michael Brennan & Hanan Elmasu

Sustainable and equitable infrastructures

Decentralized and rooted in care: envisioning the digital infrastructures of the future [EN]
Paola Mosso & Janna Frenzel

Sostenibilidad no es lo mismo que sostener [ES]
Juliana Guerra Rudas

Your borders will not protect you [EN]
Jennifer Kamau

Lessons from storms and wetlands: Rethinking disaster response for communication infrastructure [EN]
Remy Hellstern & Jen Liu

Building bridges and making tech be in service of equitable climate action

An open movement to support climate action [EN]
Open Environmental Data Project

Ampliando el Acceso a la Información Ambiental a través del Open Knowledge [ES]
Luis Carrasco Gatica

Embracing imperfect methodologies for cross-territorial collaboration [EN]
Maya Richman & Fieke Jansen

Convite. Un encuentro de perspectivas sobre el autocuidado y los cuidados colectivos digitales para defensores del territorio y el medio ambiente [ES]
Nathaly Espitia Díaz

Infraestrutura para justiça socioambiental e os desafios na Amazônia [PT]
Oona Castro

Organising behind the scenes: An interview with Molly Mathews [EN]
Katrin Fritsch

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An open movement to support climate action

An open movement in support of climate action (Open Climate for Branch Magazine)
CC-BY-SA Open Environmental Data Project

Open Climate started as a collaboration between partners from Wikimedia, Appropedia, Open Environmental Data Project, Mozilla Foundation, Green Web Foundation, Wikimedistas de Uruguay, and the University of Notre Dame. Since late 2020, we’ve hosted a series of community calls seeking to understand where the different strands of the open movement can support the work of climate justice and action. Since then, we’ve written articles on the topic of open climate (here and here), hosted a cohort of seven Open Climate Fellows, and have written an issue brief for digital rights funders on the topic of climate justice and the knowledge commons. 

The broader Green Screen event aimed to nurture a coalition inclusive of both climate and digital rights funders and practitioners. The Open Climate track was situated inside of the continuation of conversations started during the Green Screen Berlin event, a digital rights research project commissioned by Ford, Mozilla and Ariadne, and an initial funders dialogue.


CC-BY-SA Open Environmental Data Project

Video created by Open Environmental Data Project (OEDP)

Produced and edited by Michelle Cheripka

Interviews with Shannon Dosemagen (OEDP) and Michelle Thorne (Green Web Foundation)

Featuring event participants: Gabriela Eslava Bejarano (Green Web Foundation), Luis Carrasco (Open Climate), Evelin Heidel / Scann (Wikimedistas de Uruguay), Persephone Hooper-Lewis (Whose Knowledge?), Nat Irwin (OpenTEAM), Claudio Ruiz (Tecnologia Critica), Pilar Sáenz (Fundación Karisma), Amrita Sengupta (Centre for Internet and Society), Michael Silberman, Alex Stinson (Wikimedia), and Emilio Velis (Appropedia)

With special thanks to: Andres Colmenares, Marjahn Finalyson, Babitha George, Allen Gunn, Juliet Luwedde, the Green Screen Coalition, and those who participated in the Open Climate calls.

And contextual information generously provided by: Kemly Camacho (Sulá Batsú Coop).

Michelle Cheripka (she/her) is an interdisciplinary media maker, currently based in Los Angeles. Her writing has been featured in Branch Magazine and Films for the Feminist Classroom and her photography has been featured by Extend Programs. Her independent film work has screened in festivals and venues in New York, London, Los Angeles, Boston, Beijing, and Rotterdam.